Our headquarters MASTERS CY INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD. was formed in Taiwan on 1979. At the beginning stage, we concentrated in the local market business and by 1981, we have expanded the Golf  Trollies business to international market.
In 1990, we planned to build our subsidiary in Malaysia. It was approved at the end of the year and we moved in to Malaysia by middle of 1991. At the beginning stage, we only involved in the assembly process and tried to locate a new area for our permanent factory.
By the middle of 1993, the first stage of our factory was completed. We started to manufacture and supply the spare parts for ourselves. By the time the second stage of our factory was completed in 1995, we have achieved self-supply up to 85 percentage. 
We  managed to enlarge our overseas market through direct contact with distributors and major customers. 
In 1996, our management decided to implement MS ISO 9002 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Early 1997, our company quality system was certified and registered under MS ISO 9002. At the same time, we enlarged our product range to Rollator (Health Care Product) and it was certified and registered under T.U.V.
Our third stage of factory expansion completed in October 1997. At this point, we almost achieved self-supply of 100 percent (excluding raw materials). We are also supported by our parent company for R&D. New design on parts and complete product are out every year which give customers better choice.
Final stage of factory expansion completed in 1998. The total area of factory land is now 400,000 square feet (appro. 9.0 acres).
At this stage, our company is well equipped with an extra ordinary technology, such as robotic welding , auto powder coating machine, CNC bending machine and the others. Therefore, we are welcome all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) as we believe we are qualify to fulfill your requirement and hope to be given an opportunity to co-operate and working with you in the future.
We are very confidence that our business is prosperous in the future. It needs the involvement and commitment of all our employees to achieve our goal.


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